Send WhatsApp Message using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Message Send using Global Action for All Forms in Odoo

WhatsApp Integration with Odoo Form for Send Message using WhatsApp Web

This app allows your user to send WhatsApp messages from any form view using global action available as shown in the below screenshots. Please note that the system will open WhatsApp Web for sending a message.

Main Features:

  • App adds a global action menu to Send messages on Whatsapp using WhatsApp Web.
  • Allow you to configure message template from menu Settings/Technical/../Email Template so you can write your custom message template on Odoo standard email template that can be used as a message template while sending WhatsApp messages. Note that you can configure message template per object so that message template will only appear when you are on that object to send WhatsApp messages.
  • You can also write your own custom message if you do not want to use a message template.
  • Please note that for the message template we have used the odoo standard email template model.

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