Ecommerce Search with Artificial Intelligence AI

Website Shop Search with Artificial Intelligence

AI Tool for Website Product Search Option for Customer

This app applies Artificial Intelligence AI to the search of your ecommerce product by customer (only logged in customer) on your website shop as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Shows your customer the recently searched products first in the shop -All Products- category when they come on the shop page of your website.
  • Basically it views recently bought products first in the shop list as shown.
  • Website managers in the backend can decide how many "Number of Search Keys (Sheet)" and "Number of Search Keys (Sales Order)" under settings and based on that system keep that limit of keywords on the sheet form in the backend and then used when customers come to your website.
  • Website manager decides how many "Consider Number of Search Keys (Website)" and "Consider Number of Sales Order Keys (Website)" to be used while showing products on the website shop.
  • Website managers can set the expiration sheet months.
  • Using the number of months option for the expiry system will automatically archive the sheet for customers who do not make any activity or perform any search on a website shop.
  • This app shows customers the most searched word (key) product first in the shop list as per limit settings by the website manager in the backend.
  • System weekly rearranges your "Recent Search Keywords" based on "Recent Search Date (Website)" & "Total Number of Search (Counter)" using your configuration.
  • Admin can also skip creating selected customer sheets using "Website Search History Skip" checkbox on customer/contact form.
  • Website Manager can view the sheet search report using the "By Customer", "By Recent Search" and "By Recent Search Date" menu as shown. This report can give an idea about customer behavior and its searches so your sales team can follow up if needed.

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