Quick Quotation Request from Website by Customer/Guest

Quick Quote from Website Odoo App

This app allow you to create quotation request for a multiple product selection. This module allow your customers to create quick quotation request from website. Basically this app is allow your customers and guest customer to send quick quote request to sales team by choosing product and qty he/she wants quote for. This app allow customers to add multiple products in his/her quote request and on submittion of request system will send email. After getting request from customer for quote, sales team can send quote by adding/updating prices and send real quote to customer by email. If customer is logged in then system will not create new customer but if customer is coming first time and enter his name and email then system will create customer automatically in system.

Main Features:

  • Allow your customer and guest customers to create quotation request from website page.
  • Customer can select add multiple products to create quotation request.
  • Logged in customer can not be edit the his name and his email at time of sending request.
  • On submit of request customer will be created automatically if he/she does not exists in system and then he will receive email.

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