Website Restrict Payment Acquirer Methods

Website Shop - Restrict Payment Acquirer Methods Odoo App

Payment Methods / Gateway Restriction to Customers on Ecommerce Odoo Shop

This app allows to restrict / filter payment acquirer methods for specific customers from the website. Basically it helps you if you want to hide some payment methods to your customer when they do shopping from your website on the shop payment page and it filters / hides those payment methods / payment gateway for that customer so they can not use that payment method to pay the order.

Main Features:

  • You are allowed to configure restricted payment acquirers on customer form so when the customer login then restricted payment acquirers will not be visible/appear to customers to choose on the shop payment page.
  • As you can see, customer specific restrictions can be applied for payment acquirer visibility.
  • If you do not set a restricted payment method(s) on customer form then for that customer all payment methods will be visible as per Odoo standard.

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