Return Material Authorisation Management [RMA]


Repair - Scrap - Replacement with Return Order Management

Website RMA - Return Orders Management (Multiple Product(s) Return Extend)

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Management Odoo App

This module allows your customer to create Return Material Authorization from the portal and allows your team to create and manage Repair, Scrap, Replacement.

This app allows your customer(s) to create return RMA orders for multiple products on the same return order and management of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and also allow your customer to view return order(s) from My Account Portal of your website.

Main Features:
  • Your customer can go to the sales order in Portal My Account of your website and create an RMA request.Customer can create an RMA return order by logging into Portal / My Account.
  • Allow your sales team to manage Return Material Authorization requests in the backend. Customers can go to order and click the "Return" button to return an item which will generate a return order (RMA Order) in the backend.
  • Customers can see the list of RMA orders in Portal / My Account of your website.
  •  Allow your customer to specify the return reason.
  • We have added workflow on return order in backend (Draft->Confirm->Approve->Return). Allow your stock team to do return pickings from delivery orders (Odoo Standard Feature). It allows your customer to make multiple products/items on RMA order requests from the website.
  • Before confirming, allow your sales team to select methods on Return Material Authorization Lines.
  • Allow the sales manager to approve the Return Material Authorization confirmed request.
  • Allow the team to create repair orders directly from the Return Material Authorization form.
  • Allow the team to create scrap directly from the Return Material Authorization form.
  • Allow the team to create a replacement order (Sales order with zero price) directly from the Return Material Authorization form.
  • Print Return Material Authorization.
  • Send by email Return Material Authorization to the customer.
  • Sales order form has reference of All Return Material Authorization orders.
  • Customer form has reference of all Return Material Authorization orders.
  •  System makes a link up of RMA order with Sales order as shown.
  •  On the customer form a smart button showing all return RMA orders related to that customer.
  • Print RMA PDF Report Print Return Report.
  • Link Button "RMA Orders" My Account Portal on Sale Order Form View.

System Created Menus:

  • RMA
    • Configuration
      • Repair Teams
      • Return Reasons
      • Service Types
      • Services
    • Products
      • Products
      • Repair Parts
    • RMA
      • Return Orders
      • Reports
    • Repairs
      • Repair Diagnosys
      • Repair Tickets
      • Repair WorkOrders
Sample Testing Users:
  • Sales User/Manager ===> Oliver Addict
  • Customer ===> Azure Interior

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