Return Material Authorization Management (RMA) with Lot Number

RMA Return Orders Management Request with Lot Number / Serial Number

Return Material Authorization Management (RMA) with Lot Number / Serial Number

This app allows your customer to create a return material authorization (RMA) request with a Lot Number / Serial Number from the portal from the RMA Order form.

Main Features:
  • Your customer can go to the sales order in Portal My Account and create an RMA request and can create RMA return orders with lot number / serial number by logging into Portal / My Account.
  • Allow your customer to add / edit / delete lot numbers while filling RMA order form in the portal.
  • Please note that Lot number / Serial number is text field so customer has to type and also specify qty while adding lot number details on RMA order.
  • Lot numbers / Serial numbers entered by customers will be stored in the backend on RMA lines.
  • Your stock / inventory team can use it as information while processing return picking for that return order. [Odoo Standard Feature of Return Picking with Lot / Serial Number].
Sample Testing Users:
  • Sales User/Manager / Inventory User : ===> Mitchell Admin
  • Customer : ===> Douglas Fletcher

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