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Website Helpdesk Support Ticket and Issue Management

Customer Helpdesk Support Ticket Management System

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket Management System Odoo App

This app allows you to manage your customer support tickets, ticket customer portal, customer billings for support, Ticket Time-sheets Filling. 

It also provides a website form/page where customers can submit a ticket after filling the form on your website.

 Main Features:
  • Your customer can send support tickets / support requests from your website and customers can also attach documents / files while creating tickets from the website.
  • Generation of a unique support ticket on submission and record it as a helpdesk ticket on the backend side of Odoo on ticket form view. 
  • Allow your customers to create a ticket by email (Sending email to your support email) and so if your customer sends an email to your email system, it will create a ticket automatically. For that you will have to set up *Catchall Email* as an incoming mail server or incoming mail server to create a new record option.
  • Customers can check the status of all submitted support tickets by him / her on the My Account page of your website. And if customers have more contacts in the company they can also view tickets submitted by other members of the company too.
  • Allow your support team to print Helpdesk Support Tickets in PDF format in the backend. 
  • Support User, Technician and Support manager can communicate with customers using open chatter on ticket form and fill timesheets on the ticket form in the backend.
  • The Support Manager can close tickets and send bills to customers. Allow also to create bills/invoices from a list of timesheets which are billable.
  • Customers can provide feedback and rating of tickets so when the ticket will be closed, the system will send email to customers for feedback and ratings automatically by email.
  • Manage your support tickets using assignments to support teams so the system allows you to select a support team on a ticket form.
  • Allow you to view prepaid hours of customers for helpdesk tickets form.
  • System allows you to create project tasks for helpdesk tickets directly from ticket form view.
  • Allows support managers to create invoices from timesheets using the *Make to Invoice* button on timesheets list.
  • System allows your user/employee (people working on t ickets) to set Time In and Time Out on timesheets.
  • Allow your team to create and manage helpdesk ticket stages under configuration.
  • Allow your team to create and manage ticket types under configuration.
  • Allow your team to create and manage types of subjects under configuration.
  • System also shows activity views for helpdesk support tickets.
  • System will add a page on the website to create tickets, show tickets and search tickets which can be used by your customers.
  • This module is compatible with the Odoo community edition. 

Menus Items Available:

  • Helpdesk
    • Helpdesk
      • Helpdesk Tickets
    • Analytic Account
      • Analytic Accounts
    • Invoicing
      • Timesheets to Invoice
    • Configuration
      • Helpdesk Teams
      • Stages
      • Ticket Types
      • Type Of Subject

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