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Customer Satisfaction Survey on My Account Portal

Sales Order Portal Customer Survey

This app allows your customer to fill a survey for shopping experience after making payment in a website shop and also allow them to fill a customer satisfaction survey on my account portal as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow your customer to fill an online shopping experience survey on the website shop confirmation page as shown.
  • Allow your customer to fill the customer satisfaction survey on my account portal.
  • Note that this module integrates sales and a survey module and keeps reference of sales order on survey inputs / answers by customers.
  • Survey shown below are just examples so you can design your own survey form based on your questionnaire. Our example of a survey also made directly in Odoo using a survey app.
  • You have to configure a survey on website settings as shown below.
  • System will show a filled survey using a smart button on the sales order form.

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