Veterinary Management Odoo App

Veterinary Clinic Manage Odoo App

Animal / Bird Veterinary Management System

Veterinary First Aids and Prescription Feature with Registrations Animal / Bird

This app allows you to create and manage animal/bird registration, first aid, and prescription details for veterinary.

Main Features:
  • Allow your team to manage carers, owners and guests to provide veterinary service for animals and birds.
  • Allow the user to create and manage registration for animals/birds.
  • Allow the users to create and manage contacts, nurses, veterinarians, and purchase requisitions.
  • Allow users to create and manage prescription and first aids records for animals / birds.
  • Allow users to send emails to the carer and owner for prescription details for animal / bird.
  • Allow users to create and manage purchase requisition for veterinary.
  • Allow users to create and manage contact, requisitions, veterinarians, and nurses.
  • Allow the manager to configure registration types, injuries types, disease types, and blood types.
  • Allow the managers to configure first aids tags, prescription tags, first aids stages and prescription stages.
  • Allow the users to view Prescription and First Aids Details for Animal / Bird as shown.
  • Allow users can view Registration Detail where he can set as animal/bird carer or owner fields on registration for animal / bird.
  • Allow the Nurse / Compounder to view the animal/bird registration details.
  • Allow the Nurse / Compounder users to manage first aid details for animal / bird.
  • Allow all users to print a pdf report for Registration, First Aids and Prescription details for animal / bird as below pdf report example.
  • The owner and Carer or portal can view the Registrations ,Prescriptions and First Aids details for Animal / Bird on my account.

Menus Available:

  • Veterinarian
    • Registrations
      • Registrations
    • First Aids
      • First Aids
    • Prescriptions
      • Prescriptions
    • Contacts
    • Requisitions
    • Veterinarian
    • Nurse
    • Configuration
      • Registration Types
      • Prescription Stages
      • First Aids Stages
      • Registration Tags
      • Prescription Tags
      • Injuries Types
      • Disease Types
      • Blood Types
Responsibilities of Veterinary System Management
    1. Veterinary Officer / Staff / User
    2. Veterinary Manager
    3. Veterinarian [Doctor]
    4. Nurse / Compounder

    Role of Veterinary Officer / Staff / User

  • Create and manage registration detail for Animals / Birds.
  • Manage prescription detail for Animals / Birds.
  • Manage first aids detail for Animals / Birds.

  • Role of Veterinary Manager

  • Create and manage Registration ,First Aids and Prescription records for Animals / Birds.
  • Configure Registration Types, First Aids Tags, First Aids Stages, Prescription Tags, Prescription Stages, Injuries Types, Disease Types and Blood Types for Animal / Bird.
  • Create and manage contacts, nurses and doctors for Animal / Bird.

  • Role of Veterinarian [Doctor]

  • Create and manage First Aids , Prescription detail for Animals / Birds.
  • User can view the Prescription and First Aids detail for Animals / Birds.

  • Role of Nurse / Compounder

  • Manage animal / bird registration detail.

  • Carer and Owner Portal Access:

  • View Registration information for Animals / Birds in my account portal.
  • View Prescription details for Animals / Birds in my account portal.
  • View First Aids details for Animals / Birds in my account portal.

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