Vendor Signature on Pricelist at Portal

Pricelist Vendor Signature on Website Portal

This app allows your vendor to make digital signatures on the Product Price Lists from the My Account Portal from your website.

Main Features:

  • Allow your purchase team to send signature request to vendor for pricelist from pricelist form view in the backend.
  • Allow your purchase team to send a signature request to the vendor for multiple pricelists from the list view of pricelists in the backend.
  • Vendors will get an email and in the email body using the sign button they can make a signature.
  • Sign will appear on my account portal as well as stored on the backend of the pricelist form of odoo standard.
  • App basically will be used for purpose to get digital signature when pricelist getting expired or updated so that purchase team can get sign of vendor.
  • For more details about depend app of pricelist of vendor portal you can check here

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