Import Users and Images from Excel
(File Path and Web URL)

This module allow you to import Users and Users images from excel using URL and Path

This module gives allow you to create Users and modify existing users image on wizard

Make sure you have xlrd Python library installed.

Main Features:
  • Allow to import *.jpg or .png or .jpeg ... files types.
  • Customer can see Allow you to create new Users based on you choise and selected on wizard..
  • Allow you to modify existing Users baesd on your choise and selected on wizard
  • Allow you to have image file path of your directory and Website URL where you keep your image. (Both option can work together with single import.)
  • Allow you to give http or https as website URL to import image using Excel.
  • Create Users Image
  • For Create Users you should select on wizard model as Users and operation as Create Users on wizard.
  • You can add columns like User Name, Identification No, Image Path on your .xls file.
  • Update Users Image
  • For Update Users you should select on wizard model as User and operation as Update Users on wizard
  • You have add values as User Name or Employee Identification No and Image Path on .xls file
  • For more details please watch Video.

Menus Available:

  • Import Users
    • import Users & Images

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