Accept Terms and Condition by Product on Shop

Product Shop with Terms and Conditions by Product Wise

Product Terms and Condition Accept Odoo App

This app allows your customers and visitors of your shop to accept product terms and conditions during the cart page and does not allow you to go to the next step without agreeing to the terms & conditions.

Main Features:

  • Allow your customers and visitors to not move to the payment page without agreeing to the terms & conditions on the cart page.
  • If a customer / visitor tries to click on a button *Process Checkout* without agreeing terms and conditions for every product which requires it then the system will not allow them to go to the next step of payment and raise alert.
  • And the system will keep accepting terms and conditions on the backend sales order line once customer / visitor check that box.
  • Note that you can configure the product form in the backend which requires the customer / visitor to force accept terms and condition checks during the shopping cart page. And it also allows you to write terms and conditions for every product separately so you can have your T&C different for every product

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