Project Task with Start - Pause - Stop in Odoo

Start Project Task and Stop Project Task

Start / Stop / Pause Project Task in Odoo

Timesheet Recording and Creation on Project Task Stop Button

This module allows your project team to work on task using start, pause, stop buttons. Buttons are available on Kanban View, List View, Form View of Task. The stop of task system will allow you to create a timesheet for single or multiple days in Odoo.

Main Features:

  • Start, Pause, Stop, Restart Buttons on Project Tasks.
  • Buttons are on Kanban, List and Form view of Project Tasks.
  • When a user stops working on a task system then the system will propose a timesheet creation wizard. That means pressing the button stop on the task view system will allow your user to record a timesheet in Odoo and once the user fills out the details system will create a timesheet.

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