Assigning Multiple Responsible Users to a Project and Task

Multiple Internal Users to Project and Tasks in Odoo

Single Task with Multi Internal Users Assignment in Odoo

This app allows you to assign multiple internal users to project tasks. [Odoo standard also provides similar features but it is for internal and portal both users while our app only allows you to select internal users].

Main Features:

  • Allow your project manager to configure multiple responsible users to the project form view.
  • Allow to set the multiple responsible users to the task based on a project with responsible users. That means allowed users will automatically set from project form but you still can edit and update it on task form.
  • Allow to assign multiple responsible users to the project tasks.
  • Allow only internal users to field on projects and tasks since our app does not allow portal users.
  • Allow to access tasks by multiple users who have been assigned to the tasks.
  • Please note that odoo standard visible to / multi users feature will also work along with our app feature. So both features can work together.
  • For more details please watch the video and check below screenshots.
  • Check App Here