Subscription Page / Pricing Page on Website

Subscription and Pricing on Website Integrated with E-commerce / E-Shop

This app allow your customer(s) to buy/subscribe for a subscription products. This app will give you feature similar to Pricing Page so you can use it also as Pricing page. Your customer(s) can come to your website and do subscriptions online.
This module will work for any kind of subscription business where you want to launch subscription page in Odoo website which is fullly integrated with E-commerce and Backend Sales flow.

Main Features:

  • Subscription Price: Allow your customer(s) to view subscription products and prices.
  • Subscription Product: Configure your subscription product in backend side by just tick checkbox on Product form.
  • Increase & Decrease Qty: Allow buyer to increase and decrease quantity of selected subscription product(s).
  • Update: Allow buyer to update subscription product(s) in cart and also update quantity anytime on subscription page.
  • View Cart: Cart will appear always on subscription page where buyer can see prices while choosing or changing quantity.
  • Buy Now: Buyer can click 'Buy Now' button and move to cart page.
  • Multi Currency: Supporting Multi Currency Prices and pricelist discount. Subscription page will show price of your company currency setting as well as other prices currency if you have activated.
  • Mobile: Mobile responsive design.

Website Page Available:

  • Subscription Shop

Sample Users for below Screenshots

  • Customer ===> Jonty Rhodes
  • Sale Manager ===> Mitchell

Four Cases Explained Below:

  • Case 1
    • Dollar price with discount excluded subscription prices.
  • Case 2
    • Dollar price with discount included subscription prices.
  • Case 3
    • Euro price with discount excluded subscription prices.
  • Case 4
    • INR price with discount included subscription prices.

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