Stock Reservation with Lot / Serial Number on Sales Order Flow

Product Stock Reservation with Lot / Serial Number App

Product Reservation by Lots | Reserve Product by Lot for Sales

Sales Order with Stock Reservation

This app allows you to create stock reservations by Lots/Serial Number from the sales order form view as shown below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow sales users to create a product stock reservation by lot / serial number from the sales quotation form.
  • Allow you to create and manage sales orders with stock reservations by lot / serial number for products on the sales order form view.
  • Product reservation by lot / serial number feature on sales order form view.
  • Allow sales users to unreserve stock once the customer confirms the order.
  • Email notification to stock users during reservation from sales quote time.
  • Allow users to choose which product(s) from the sales quotation line sales users want to reserve and also allow them to specify lot / serial number.
  • Allow users to choose how much quantity of product from quotation they want to reserve by lot / serial number.
  • Allow you to view and manage stock reservation records and pivot tables for reservations.
  • Allow you to see the history of stock reservations on the sales order form.
  • Reservation Stock Location data created by our system will allow the system to reserve stock/product under that reservation location.
  • Create a unique sequence number of reservations recorded.
  • If you are using "Send goods in output and then deliver (2 steps)" and "Pack goods, send goods in output and then deliver (3 steps)" for "Outgoing Shipments" on Warehouses configuration (Odoo Standard) then you can also use your selected source location by selecting the checkbox on the wizard as below - "Change Source Location for Reservation Move?" and select Source Location.
  • Also, check the dependant apps index for more details.

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