Stock Reservation Release from Picking

Cancel Reserved Stock Reservation from Picking to Release

Stock Reservation Cancel Reserved Stock from Picking Instead of Sales Order

This app allows your user to cancel a stock reservation from stock picking (delivery order) instead of forcing from sales order confirmation.

Main Features:

  • Allow your inventory user to cancel stock reservations from delivery order / stock picking instead of forcing the salesperson to cancel from sales order confirmation.
  • Your user can cancel stock reservations from stock picking directly for stock reservations made from a sales order - so using the app you do not need to cancel the stock reservations made from a sales order since the system will allow you to cancel also from stock picking. This app can be used in the place where you want to keep reserved your stock until the delivery order is ready to validate.
  • The system also allows you to create stock reservations directly from the stock picking form/delivery order by selecting the sales order line on stock picking while making stock reservations and the system will do reservations of stock - mostly this kind of scenario is used when you are having partial delivery/picking to your customer and you still want to keep you some stock reserve for future delivery which is partial delivery for that sales order.So flow can be like, you come to stock picking/delivery order and you first cancel all your reserved stock reservation from delivery order and now you decide to make partial delivery to your customer then you make again stock reservation for stock which you are going to delivery in the future to your customer.
  • Please note that the system allows you to cancel the stock reservation directly from the stock-picking/delivery order screen for stock reservation records that you made from the sales order. At the same time system also allows you to reserve stock directly from stock picking/delivery order records for partial delivery cases - backorder case.

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