Website Shop only for Logged in Customers

Shop for Login Customers Only

Ecommerce Shop Hide for Guests and Public Users of Website

This app allows the hide frontend shop menus and Links/URLs for public users / guests who are not logged in your website.

Main Features:

  • Configuration on the website form which allows you to set "Customer must be logged in for Shopping ?" checkbox on website form.
  • If "Customer must be logged in for Shopping ?" boolean checked then portal user / guest can’t see the shop menu and portal user copy paste manually to redirect home page (Shop pages and URLs as listed below will not open and redirect them to home page automatically.).
  • Menu Hide for Public Users:
    • Shop Menu of Odoo
  • Link Redirect to home page if Open Directly:
    • /shop
    • /shop/page/
    • /shop/category/
    • /shop/category/
    • /shop/product/
    • /shop/cart
    • /shop/payment
    • /shop/confirmation
    • /shop/address
    • /shop/checkout
    • /shop/confirm_order
    • /shop/extra_info
    • /shop/payment/validate
    • /shop/terms

Menu List:

  • Website (Odoo Standard)
    • Configuration (Odoo Standard)
      • Websites

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