Website Shop Customer Rewards & Redeems

Customer Rewards and Redeems on Website Shop Odoo App

This app provides a feature on the website shop to allow your customer to get rewards on shopping and redeem it.

Main Features:
  • This module allows your customer on the shop/eCommerce website to get reward points on each purchase they are making on your website. Points will be multiplied with qty purchased for a specific product. So if the customer buys for example 5 pieces of mobile and reward points configured on mobile in the backend is 100 points then your customer will get total 500 points as a reward. (Reward points will be counted on each sales confirmation in the backend.).
  • Customers can redeem points from the page given on their account website and on time of redeeming they can select redeem products and redeem now and that will create quotation/order in the backend with zero price and once they order get confirmed system will reduce points from their account.
  • Redeem products/ gift products can be configured in the backend as products with "Can be Redeemed" - Only those products will appear in redeem process on the website.

Menus Available

  • Sales
    • Customer Rewards
      • Sales Reward History

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