Schedule Activity Management Extension

Odoo Schedule Activity Management by Users and Managers

This app is extension of schedule activity of odoo which allow to show all schedule activities to activity manager, my team schedule activities to supervisor and my schedule activities to employee or user. All activities from difference documents will be shown on single place. Schedule activity showing as global from all documents so user/employees can easily manage their different kind of activities.

Main Features:

  • Levels access rights :
  • Manager: Check everyone's activities
  • Supervisor: Check only assigned users scheduled activities
  • User: Only own scheduled activities
  • Views : List, Calendar, Kanban (Late/Today/Future),Pivot, View Activity, Graph Activity
  • Reports on Activities, Kanban (Late/Today/Future), etc. (according to their access rights). Same as activity reporting from CRM.
  • Activity Manager & Activity Supervisor groups available for security on user form.
  • Schedule activity from different documents and forms will be available on single place menu item so users can see all activities in one place and manage it.

Menus Available:

  • Schedule Activity
    • Activity
      • All Activities
      • My Team Activities
      • My Activities
    • Reporting
      • Activities

Sample Users for below Screenshots:

  • Normal User / Employee ==> Marc Willis
  • Activity Supervisor ==> Nicole Ford
  • Activity Manager ==> Mitchell John

There are a total three sets of users for activity access:
1. Normal users -> This user can only access their own activity using "My Activities" menu.
2. Activity Supervisor -> This user can access their own activity using "My Activities" menu and assigned the activity to him/her as a supervisor in "My Team Activities" menu. As you know while creating an activity we are able to set supervisor on that activity that is the same person who can access It as a supervisor.
3. Activity Manager -> This is a kind of superuser/manager/top-level person who can access "My Activities" , "My Team Activities" and ""All Activities".

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