Salesperson Own Customers/Contacts

Customers/Contacts Filter on Sale Orders and Invoice for SalesPerson

Salesperson / Sales User Own Customer / Contact in Odoo

This app allows your salesperson to see your own customers/contacts on sales order and invoice view. And also it restrict salesperson to see all the contacts in the contacts menu of Odoo.

Main Features:

  • Salesperson can view only customers/contact where he/she set as Salesperson.
  • Allow you to set multiple Salesperson(s) on customer/contact form. So only selected Salespersons can see contacts/customers in the list.
  • Salesperson on Quote/Sales order can view and select his/her own customers only.
  • Salesperson on Invoice/Bill can view and select his/her own customers only.
  • Own customers on sales order and invoice forms for salesperson login. Make sure you set "View Limited Customers" group on that Salesperson related user form.
  • Allow your Salesperson can see Own Customer(s)/ Contact(s)/ Vendor(s).
  • Allow your Salesperson can see Own Customer in the Sale Order.
  • Allow your Salesperson to see Own Customer into Invoices.
  • Manager can assign Multiple Salesperson to customer form.
  • Add Multiple Salespersons or one Salesperson into the Salesperson field on customer/contact form.
  • While creating invoice from sales order system will pass Salesperson to invoice form.
  • Salespeople can access their own customers only.

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