Sale of Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Management of Sales Property

With User/Partner/Agent/Broker Sales Commissions Management

This app provides features to allow your customers or visitors to request for a sales quote from your website shops/ecommerce for property you are selling and also allow you to manage sales commission by Sales Order / Customer Invoice /Customer Payment based options to Internal Users and External Partners / Agents / Brokers.

Main Features:

  • This app allows you to publish your properties on a website shop and allow your customer/visitor on the website to get quotes for that property.
  • This app supports installment to be shown on the website using product attributes which you have to configure in the backend on product form.
  • Your customer/visitor can view your property location in google map on the website shop page and also they can download documents you have uploaded on product form like Specifications, Payment plans, Plans of building, design and model documents. By clicking on get quotes they can fill details and request for quotes to your company.
  • This app allows you to create installments based on the number of installments configured on product form. This will add a button on the Sales order form to create installments in single click.
  • Sale of Real Estate Property Management having feature of Sales Commission so to get more details about sales commission you check below link.
    Get more detail for sale commision then click

Menus Available:

  • Sales

    • Configuration

      • Property

        • Property Types

      • Sales Commission Level

    • Commissions

      • Commission Worksheets

      • Sales Commissions Lines

  • Invoicing

    • Commissions

      • Commission Worksheets

      • Sales Commissions Lines

Edition Compatibility:

Enterprise Community

Create Product Attribute [Odoo Standard] for Installments Plans

Configure Product Attribute Values [Odoo Standard]

Configure Product Property Types

Products Kanban View [Odoo Standard]

Configure Variants on Product Form [Odoo Standard]

Configure Product Property Details on Product Form

Set a Number of Installment on Product Variant Form

Select Documents on Product View [Odoo Standard]

This document will be visible on the product page and allow your customer/visitor to download.

Website Shop Page Odoo Standard

View Location Button in Google Map on Shop

Product Page on Shop with Get Quote Button

Quote Request Screen by Clicking Get Quote

Submittion Massage to Customer

Backend Sale Quotation Created Automatically [Odoo Standard Sales Order]

Create Installment Invoice using Button on Sales Order

This will create a number of invoices based on the number of installments.

Invoice Smart Button on Quote/Order

Installment Customer Invoices

Installment Customer Invoice Form View

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