Recurring Quotation Request to Customer

Recurring Sales Quote | Quotation Request to Customer

Create Quotation Request from Quotation Reminder Email

This app allows your sales team to create quotation requests by sending automatic reminder email to your customers every month on specific dates (Day can be configured on customer form).

Customers will get a link by email and on click of that link customer will redirect to your website (See below screenshot for more details.) and select products (Maximum 10 product lines can be selected/requested on one quotation request for different products by your customer and submit which will create quote in the backend of Odoo).

Main Features:

  • Send Quotation Request - By Email to Customer (Using Scheduler Cron Job)
  • Sends the email to request for creating quotations to the selected customers every month on a specific day.
  • Need configuration on customer form with new tab for Quotation email. Check the box Send Email Quotation? to send recurring email quotations to that customer and that will open a new field called Day of Month.
  • It will also send the notification to the related salesperson on the customer form and thank you mail to the customer after submitting the order from your website.

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