Website Questions and Answers on Product Shop Ecommerce Page

Questions and Answers by Product on Website Shop Odoo App

Product Questions and Answers on Ecommerce Odoo Shop Product Page

This app allows your visitor / customers of your website shop check generic questions and its answers on product on shop page as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:
  • This app allows your customers/guests to view questions and answers about products from your website which is configured by your team in the backend on the product form.
  • System also allow your customer (Logged in customer) to ask questions if they do not find on the list and your team will give answers to questions and publish them on the website if that question is valid and should be on product form.

Menus Available:

  • Website
    • Orders
      • Customer Questions
    • Configuration
      • Shop Questions Answers
        • Questions
        • Answers

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