PSQL Query Run in User Interface in Odoo

Query Run User Interface in Odoo and Output in Excel

This app allows you to execute a query directly in Odoo user backend interface and give output in excel for select query as shown below.

Main Features

  • "Run SQL Query" group users can run query so you have to set this group on user form.
  • Allow the user to run psql query on the same database where he/she is logged in.
  • After running, the query of the select system will give the output of the result in excel format.
  • For update, delete and other query systems will show messages on the same screen.
  • Logs will be recorded on every query user run.
  • Allow you to view the model name and field which can be used in the query.
  • Query will run into Database directly so make sure before pressing run command.

Menu Items:

  • Setting
    • Technical
      • Execute SQL Query
        • Query Result Logs
        • Execute Query

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