Project Task Signature

Signature on Project Task with Sign of Customer, Project User, and Project Manager Sign

This app allows your project users to take customer signatures on the project task form and also allows the project user and manager to make signs also on the project task form as shown in the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • - Allow you to configure on project form with settings on whether a task will show a single sign button or allow you to do multiple signatures on the task form.
  • - Single signature on task: This option will show a button directly on the task form where project users can sign or take signs of their customers while finishing tasks. Please note that customers won't be able to login to the backend but your project user can open that task and take a sign of the customer if they want.
  • - Multiple signatures on task: This option allows to have multiple signatures on the task form using four options as shown. So using the option given, the project user, project manager, customer, and other users can do a signature for that task. After doing the sign, the sign will appear on that record as shown.
  • - Based on the option, you have selected on the project form, the system will allow opening options on the task forms with single or multiple signatures.

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