Project and Project Task Unique Sequence Number

Auto-Generated Sequence Number for Project and Project Task Odoo App

Project Task Unique Number Sequence and Project Sequence Number

This app will automatically generate a unique sequence number for project and project tasks as shown in the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • The system will auto-generate a unique number for every project using the prefix given on project form or generate a number using general/common prefix (if you are not specifying the prefix on the project form then the system will use generate prefix to generate a number of projects).
  • The system will auto-generate a unique number for every task that you are creating for the project using the task sequence given on the project form. Please note that when you create a new project then the system will auto-create ir.sequence/sequence record for tasks going to create for this project and then this sequence will be used to generate the sequence number of tasks. (You can see the Task Entry Sequence field on the project form which will be used as a sequence of tasks under that project.)
  • The system can only generate task sequence numbers if you have not selected the project on the task form while creating the task which means in such cases system will use a general/common sequence to make unique numbers for the tasks.
  • The system also regenerates the sequence if you are going to change the project on task form and based on the new project system will regenerate and assign a sequence for that task.

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