Project Task for All Users

Global Project Tasks for All Internal Users of System

Tasks Management for All Users

This app allows your internal users to access tasks they have been assigned in the new menu which is made by our system for all the employees/users. As you know currently Odoo project app only allows project users to see the project menu while our system will allow your employees/users to view their tasks and work on their tasks. (They can be from any department like Sales, Purchase, MRP, Stock, etc).

Main Features:

  • Allow your internal users/employees to have a tasks menu so that they can access the tasks assigned to them.
  • Please note that you have to set project settings to allow employee-based visibility so that normal internal users/employees can view their tasks and access them.
  • Our system provides global tasks menu which can be used by any department of your company and they can use the project management of Odoo as a tool to do their daily activities.
  • Please note that our module uses Odoo standard project management models/views etc.
  • Using our module, your employees can work on tasks and chat with the team. And they can also edit the tasks and change the stages.
  • Also note that the project management group of Odoo standard users can only create and configure projects but tasks can be created by any internal users and assigned to any internal users to manage their daily work or jobs.

Menu Items Available:

  • Task (Accessible to Internal Users and Project Manager)
    • Projects (Accessible to Project Manager)
    • My Tasks (Accessible to Internal Users and Project Manager)
    • Reporting (Accessible to Project Manager)
      • Tasks Analysis (Accessible to Project Manager)
    • Configuration (Accessible to Project Manager)
      • Projects (Accessible to Project Manager)
      • Task Stages (Accessible to Project Manager)
      • Tags (Accessible to Project Manager)
      • Activity Types (Accessible to Project Manager)

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