Request for Information for Construction Projects

Construction and Contracting Business with RFI

Project Request for Information Management

This app allows you to manage "Request for Information" for Construction and Contracting Projects Business.

Your customer/supplier can submit requests online from your website and the team can respond with answers. Project manager and project team can also manually create requests for information from the backend in case they want to ask questions to the supplier/customer. This way your project of construction and contracting can get assured information stored well in the database.

Main Features:

  • Your Customer/Supplier can send requests from your website and also attach multiple documents while submitting requests.
  • Generation of unique Request record on submission and record it as Request for Information in the backend.
  • Customer/Supplier can check the status of all Requests for Information submitted by him/her on My Account of your website.
  • Print PDF - Request for Information in backend by your users.
  • Project Team / RFI Team can communicate with Customer/Supplier using Open Chatter and fill Timesheets on Request for Information form in the backend.
  • RFI Team / Project Manager can close Request for Information as shown.
  • Customer/Supplier can give feedback and rating of Request for Information after closing it.
  • Integrated with Odoo Survey module so for Request for Information - Your team can create surveys for that Request for Information.
  • Configuration for Request for Information Types.
  • Configuration for Request for Information Subjects.
  • Configuration for Request for Information Team.
  • Configuration for Request for Information Stages.


  • Jobs
    • Request for Information
      • Request for Informations
    • Reports
      • Request for Information
    • RFI Configuration
      • RFI Subject
      • RFI Types
      • RFI Teams
      • RFI Stages

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