Project Audit Management for Projects

Project Audit by Project Audit Team Odoo App

This app allows you to manage project audits for your projects using the project audit form as shown the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow your team/audit team to create and manage project audit requests.
  • Allow the audit manager to fill in audit results and comments after completing the project audit.
  • Also allow your project manager and audit officer to communicate with the audit manager and fill in comments and suggestions/discussions on the project audit form.
  • The audit manager and audit officers check project-related information as shown like timesheet, project tasks, sale orders, customer invoice lines, vendor bill lines, purchase order lines, picking deliveries, picking receipts, internal transfers, stock moves, and notes for selected project/analytic account on project audit form.
  • Also allow your user to print audit report as shown in below screenshot.

Security Rules:

  • Project Manager:
    • The project manager can see their own project's project audits.
    • The project manager can see the ‘My Project Audit’ menu.
  • Audit Manager:
    • The audit manager can view all the project audits.
    • The audit manager sees and manages configuration for all menus like the ‘All Project Audit, My Project Audit, Project Audit Category, Project Audit tags, and Project Audit Stages’ menu.
  • Audit Officer:
    • The audit officer can see their own project's project audits.
    • The audit officer can see the ‘My Project Audit’ menu.

Menus List:

  • Project Audits
    • Project Audits
      • All Project Audits
      • My Project Audits
    • Configuration
      • Project Audit Category
      • Project Audit Tags
      • Project Audit Stages

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