Analytic / Project Budgeted Hours vs Actual Hours

Budget Hours on Analytic Account and Actual Spent Hours Report in PDF

This app provides report for analysis of your analytic account budgets hours and actual hours spent for that analytic/project timesheets. So basically it will allow your manager to put first budgeted hours on the analytic account of the customer and then create pdf report based on budgeted hours and actual spent by Users/Employee using timesheet filled.

Main Features
  • Allow you to set "Project Hour Reporting Followers" On Company. These persons will get email automatically week for budget hours vs actual spent.
  • Scheduler for sending email weekly automatically to listed person on company form.
  • System also allows you to print from the wizard the same report.

Configuration on Company form:

Go to Company form and select followers who are going to receive email notification with a report of Analytic / Project Budgeted Hour vs Actual Hours.

Menus Available:

  • Timesheets
    • Reporting
      • Timesheet
        • Project Analytic Hourly Report
  • Sales
    • Reporting
      • Project Analytic Hourly Report
  • Invoicing
    • Reporting
      • Management
        • Project Analytic Hourly Report

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