Product Filter on Sales Order Based on Customer Product Visibility

Sales Order Product Visibility / Product Filter on Sales Order based on Customer Settings


This app filters products on sales order based on the configuration on the customer form, so when you select a product on the sales order line the user will see only products which are listed on the customer form sales product visibility tab, and the system also supports other options like the product category, so if you have category option on customer form then the system will only list products under those categories on the sales order form with product field.

Main Features:
  • Filters products on sales orders based on the configuration on the customer form. So users will see only those products that are configured on the customer form. It also supports the configuration of product categories on the customer form.
  • The app will allow and support select products based on the below configurations like
          1.Product Categories to Show 
          2.Products to Show 
    our app filters based on these options.

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