Restrict Sales Order for Out of Stock Items on Sales Confirmation

Out of Stock Product Sales Restriction

Product Not in Stock Warning on Sales Order Confirmation

Sales Order Out of Stock Warning in Odoo

Storable Product Out of Stock Warning on Sales Quote

This app restricts your salesperson / sales team to confirm sales orders for items which are out of stock or not in stock.

Main Features:

  • Restrict sales confirmation for out of stock products/items.
  • Note: This app only works for stockable/storable products.
  • Users can not confirm sales orders if product(s) are out of stock but we have given options as checkbox "Forcefully Confirm" on sales order if the user checked it then they are able to confirm sales order even if some of products on your sales order lines are out of stock.
  • System will raise alert/restrict only for products which are stockable products in Odoo and the "Sales order Alert" checkbox on product form is checked/ticked.

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