Import Lots/Serial Numbers from Excel

Lots/Serial Numbers Import Odoo App.

Main Features

  • This app will allow you to import product lot serial numbers from excel.
  • Make sure you have xlrd Python libarary installed.
  • Sample Excel is available inside sample folder in module.

Menus Available:

  • Inventory
    • Master Data
      • Import Lots/Serial Numbers

Following fields can be Import From Excel Column.

  • Lot/Serial Number : Number of Lot/serial number
  • Product : When you're enter Product in Apply on column then you can compulsory put Product name or Product code or Product Barcode.
  • Internal Reference : Reference of lot/serial number.
  • Best before Date : Date of best before date.
  • Removal Date : Date of removal date.
  • Expiration Date : End of Life Date.
  • Alert Date : Date of aler date.

Make sure you have xlrd Python module installed. ""

For more details please see Video in Live Preview section. Excel sample is available inside module.

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