Customer Pricelist on Customer Invoice

Apply Pricelist on Customer Invoice Odoo App

Customer Invoice with Pricelist Selection

This app allows your invoice user to select pricelist on the customer invoice form for invoices which is created directly (without using sales order flow (sales order to invoice flow)).

Main Features:

  • Allow you to select a customer pricelist for manual invoices which you create directly from the invoice menu.
  • If the show pricelist checkbox (For Manual Invoice) is checked then allow to select customer pricelist on customer invoice. Please use this pricelist only when you create a manual invoice directly without using sales orders.
  • When pricelist is selected on customer invoice discount will apply on customer invoice lines as per configured pricelist's pricing rules. (This work similar to sales order work with customer pricelist).
  • The system will apply a discount as per configured pricelist of customers on the invoice form.
  • Again, the module works only for manual invoice creation.
  • Please note that you must have to select the first pricelist before adding invoice lines otherwise if you add the first invoice lines and then change the pricelist on the invoice form does not get updates on invoice lines with the new pricelist so please make sure before creating invoice lines you have selected pricelist.

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