Point of Sale Commission by POS Orders

POS Sales Commission Odoo App

Sales Commission for Point of Sales POS Orders

This app provides features to create and manage sales commission on Point of Sales orders.

This app allows your company to manage POS sales commissions with different options as shown. You can configure after installing the module which option/policy your company is following to give POS commissions to your POS sales user and sales manager .

We are allowing you to select When to Pay and Calculation based on . Here you can define a policy which will be used to give commission to the POS sales team.

  • For every Calculation based on we are allowing you to select:
  • Sales Manager Commission %
  • Salesperson Commission %

If you keep Sales Manager Commission 0% then the system will not create sales commission lines and sales commission worksheets. System will work only with a single option at time i.e. for example you can select When to Pay = POS Order Paid and calculation based on = POS Product category so the system will run on that and create commissions entries.

  • POS Commission workflow will be:
    • Option1 :
      • POS Order Paid -> Create Sales commission worksheet (if not created for current month) -> Add Sales commission lines on worksheet -> For every POS sales of current month, system will append sales commission lines on worksheet. -> End of month Account may review worksheet and create commission invoice to pay/release commission to salesperson and sales manager/leader.

Commission to salesperson/leader always will be in company currency. Multi currency is supported by this module so POS orders can be in different currencies but the system will take care of it and create commission lines in company currency.
Sales Commission products are created using data and you still can change commission products on a commission worksheet to create commission invoices.
Commission amount will be based on the Net Revenue Model where it considers amounts without taxes. (This module does not support Gross Margin Model)

Menus Available:

  • Invoicing
    • Commissions
      • Commission Worksheets
      • Sales Commissions Lines
  • Point of Sale
    • Commissions
      • Commission Worksheets
      • Sales Commissions Lines

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