Plant Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing (MRP)

Equipment Maintenance for Production MRP Odoo App

Maintenance of Equipment for MRP and Requisition

This app allows you to manage equipment maintenance and requisition for the manufacturing/production industry as shown in the below screenshots. Please note that we have used the odoo standard equipment module so when you see equipment or maintenance request form then they are odoo standard forms, our app only add a few fields on both the forms to extend the equipment and maintenance request form.

Main Features:

  • System allow you to configure materials to use on equipment form along with maintenance checklists.
  • When Odoo creates a maintenance request for equipment of manufacturing then the system will automatically set plan products/material on equipment and checklist of maintenance.
  • System also allows you to create the material requisition for material requests during maintenance request/process.
  • System allow you to create material requisitions and job order (project.task) directly from equipment maintenance request.
  • Allow you to set work center on the equipment form so you can see that equipment belongs to that MRP work center.
  • Allow you to set the work center on the maintenance request form so you can see that the maintenance request belongs to that MRP work center. The system also automatically brings the work center if you have already set it on the equipment form. Also, allow you to choose manufacturing order and work order on the maintenance request form as well.
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