Pet Sitting / Dog / Animal with CRM Lead/Pipeline and Task and Schedule Activity App Odoo

Odoo App for CRM Lead/Pipeline Task and Schedule Management for Pet Sitting

This module allows your company to manage pet sitting and dog / animal walking business as shown in index and video with integration of CRM, Project/Project Tasks and Scheduled Activity.

Main Features:
  • CRM Lead / Pipeline User can create Pet Informations from CRM Lead/ Pipeline using a button.
  • System set created Pet Reference on Pet Information Tab on CRM Lead/ Pipeline.
  • Pet Information smart button on CRM Lead / Pipeline to view the pet information.
  • Create Project Task Button on Pet Information to create a project task from it.
  • System sets the pet information reference and pet type on the created project task.
  • Tasks smart button on pet information to see the created task as shown.
  • Project users / Pet users can create project tasks from pet information as shown.
  • Pet Information Activity views as shown below.

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