Tutor Management in Odoo

Tutoring Manage using Classes and Batches

This app allows tutors to manage their classes and batches. Basically it is a simple and basic app which allows tutor (tutor can be Education Teacher, Painting Tutor, Music Tutor, Swimming Tutor, Computer Tutor etc. etc.) to manage classes along with batch as per listed below features and screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to configure and manage tutor class stages.
  • Allow you to configure and manage the courses. (This is odoo standard course model of the eLearning module which we have used in this application).
  • Allow you to configure and manage the classroom.
  • Allow you to configure and manage the tution locations.
  • Allow you to configure and manage the faculties.
  • Allow you to create your batch and select batch related tutors , students and courses.
  • Allow you tutor to create a daily class with start time , end time and student attendance.
  • Tutors get a batch of related students using the Get Student button.
  • After the tutor creates a daily class lesson and sends it to the student manually using send by email button on lesson.
  • The Tutor Administrator sees all class and batch records.
  • Tutor (Faculty) group users see their own batch related class.
  • Portal user (Student) sees his/her own batch related class and lesson using my website.

Menu List:

  • Tutor
    • Configuration
      • Tutor Class Stages
      • Courses
      • Class Room
      • Tution Locations
    • Faculty
    • Batches
    • Tutor Class

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