Payment Term by Amount for Sale Order and Invoice

Sales and Invoice Payment Term Restriction

Sales Customer Payment Term Extend with Amount Range Restriction in Odoo App

This app does not allow you to use payment terms on sales orders and customer invoices if that does not come into the amount range criteria set on payment term form. So the system will raise a warning message and the user has to change the payment terms because the selected payment term does not meet criteria on payment term setup.

Main Features :
  • Allow you to configure payment term range amount on payment term configuration. System also allows you to list out customers on payment terms where restrictions will not be applicable.
  • Restriction will be applicable to Sales order and customer invoice confirmation if selected payment term on sales order and Invoice does not meet criteria of amount.
  • System also allows you to configure a customer form for that specific customer if restriction should not apply.
  • System also allows your manager to forcefully skip restriction warnings on sales order and invoice form with a checkbox given.
  • Amount on payment term ranges should be configured on company currency and the system will respect multi currency if your sales order and invoice is in other currency.

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