Select Cash Register on Payments

Cash Register on Customer Payment and Vendor Payment Odoo App

This app allows your accounting team to create a cash statement line of payment for a customer or vendor with a cash register or without a cash register (direct cash register line).

Main Features:
  • Accounting users can create a cash statement line by using the cash register during registration of the payment from a customer invoice or vendor bill.
  • This app also provides the option for creating a cash statement line without using the cash register. So you can choose the option to create only a cash register line in case you are not generating a cash register id.
  • If you are using the "Using Cash Register" option then you can select the already generated cash register and the cash register line will be created under that cash register. And if you are going to use "Without Using Cash Register" then the system will directly create a cash register line (without linking the cash register).

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