Website Ecommerce Rental Order using Rental Enterprise App

Website Shop Rental using Rental Enterprise App

Only for Odoo Enterprise Edition

This app allows your customers to rent products from ecommerce / shop of Odoo website shop as shown below..

Main Features:

  • Allow your customer to select start and end datetime on the ecommerce shop product website page.
  • Allow them to rent products on website shops if available in stock.
  • For stockable products in the backend it will shop stock availability or message if not available.
  • For the service kind of product it will not show an availability message.
  • After completing an order from a website shop, the system will create a rental order in the backend enterprise rental app.
  • System will lock + and - button and input box for rental products on cart page as shown so customers can not edit it from cart page and if they want to edit then have to go back to product page only.
  • You have to configure the warehouse on website form settings as shown.
  • Backend configuration will remain as per odoo standard rental app in the enterprise.
  • Any questions before buying you can contact us.

Check App Here