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Product / Item Subscription and Notification Management for Ecommerce / eShop in Odoo

Product Subscription for Out of Stock Items on Shop

This app allows your customer to subscribe for products which are not available now in your stock / warehouse and allow them to subscribe for it by giving their email, qty required and expected delivery date

This will help your warehouse to make procurement of those products and manage your supplier chain.

Main Features:

  • Out of Stock notification on Product Configuration with two below options it will work [Odoo Standard Feature]:
  • Availability Should be in "Show inventory on website and prevent sales if not enough stock" or "Show inventory below a threshold and prevent sales if not enough stock."
  • Allow Customers to Subscribe for Product.
  • Parts under coming soon allows your customer/public/portal user to subscribe for out of stock products and get notified when the product is in stock.
  • Customers will get a acknowledgement message once they submit a subscription request.
  • System will create Customer Stock Notifications/Subscription in Odoo backend for Sales User / Sales Manager.
  • Form View of Subscribe Notification Request and Send Notification Email:
  • Button Notify sends email to allow sales people to send notification to customers when products come in your stock/warehouse. [Manual Action]
  • When your sales team clicks the notify send email button below mail as per screenshot will be sent to your customer. [We have created an email template, so you can change your body as per your needs!]
  • Button buy now allows your customer directly to jump to that product for shopping from email.

Menus Available:

  • sales
    • Web Stock Notifications
      • Search Product Subscriptions
      • Subscription Requests

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