Translation Service Business Management

Language Translation Request Odoo Module

Odoo for Language Industry Business App

This app allows you to manage your translation service business and company. This module can be used by any company which is providing language translation services to their customer(s).

Main Features:

  • Allow your Sales Administrator / Team to create Products for your translation language services under the Products menu of Odoo backend.
  • Checkbox for -Is Translation Product- on Translation Product and select Product Type as Service for that.
  • Sale Administrator / Team can Configure Industry Terms and Content Type Under the Translation/Configuration Menu.
  • Allow customers of your website or visitors to send Translation Request from your website.
  • Customer/Visitor can attach files and provide email and phones and other details as shown in below screenshot.
  • Quotations will be created automatically on request from the website with zero as initial price and then later sales users / team can modify price and send quotations to customers.
  • Sale Administrator can See Translation Request and Translation Tasks under the Translation/Translation Services Menu.
  • Sale Users can manually give the price of the product in the Quote Lines and then send a quote to your customer..
  • Once the Sale User can confirm a quote it will create a task for your team to do that job. [Odoo Standard Feature].
  • Users can see Tasks Smart Button on the Sale Order Form.
  • Sales team can create Invoice from Sale Order form. (Odoo Standard Feature)

Highlighted Steps:

Customer/Visitor creates Translation Request from Website -> This request will create Quote in backend side of Odoo -> On Confirmation it will create Task for translation work for your team -> Submission to your client for translation job. -> Accounting and billing. etc...etc..

Menus Available:

  • Translation
    • Translation Services
      • Translation Request
      • Translation Task
    • Configuration
      • Industry Terms
      • Content Type

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