Employee Training Management Application

This app allow your company to conduct or organized trainings for your employees.

Main Features
  • Training: Allow you to manage training of your employees.
  • Training/Applications: Your employess or training team can create training application request
  • Training/Employee Trainings: Employee training will be created with course and subjects
  • Training/Tasks: For every course and subject system will create task for employee.
  • Training/Trainers: Trainers will be listed.
  • Training/Courses and Subjects: You can configure course, subject and class rooms
  • Training/Configuration/Application Stages: This is configurable
  • Training/Configuration/Employee Training Stages: This is configurable
  • Training/Application Report
  • For more details please watch Video and Screenshots


  • Training
  • Training/Applications
  • Training/Employee Trainings
  • Training/Tasks
  • Training/Trainers
  • Training/Courses and Subjects
  • Training/Courses and Subjects/Training Centres
  • Training/Courses and Subjects/Class Rooms
  • Training/Courses and Subjects/Subjects
  • Training/Courses and Subjects/Courses
  • Training/Configuration
  • Training/Configuration/Application Stages
  • Training/Configuration/Employee Training Stages


  • Application Report
  • Employee Trainings Report

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