Project Task Merge in Odoo

Tasks Merge in Odoo App

Merge Project Tasks in Odoo

This app allows your project team to merge multiple project tasks into a single task. For more details please check below details and watch the video.

Allow you to Merge below Fields:

  • Task Name(Concatenate all task names).
  • Description(Concatenate all task descriptions).
  • Deadline Date(System will search the deadline date from all the tasks and pick the maximum deadline date).
  • End Date(System will search the end date from all the tasks and pick the minimum end date).
  • Assign Date(System passes today/current date to new task).
  • Customer(Project customers).
  • Project(Tasks Project).
  • Company(Project Company).
  • Planned Hours(System will sum all the tasks planned hours and put on new task).
  • Task Tags(Concatenate all task tags and put on new tasks).
  • Timesheets(All timesheets from old tasks will be available in the new merged task).

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