Stock Reservation on Sales Order Flow

Product Stock Reservation in Odoo

Sales Order with Stock Reservation

Product Reservation | Reserve Product for Sales

Main Features:

  • Allow sales users to create a product stock reservation from sales quotation form.
  • Allow you to create and manage sales order with stock reservation for products on sales order form view.
  • Product reservation feature on sales order form view.
  • Allow sales users to unreserve stock once the customer confirms the order.
  • Email notification to stock users during reservation from sales quote time.
  • Allow users to choose which product(s) from the sales quotation line sales users want to reserve.
  • Allow users to choose how much quantity of product from quotation they want to reserve.
  • Allow you to view and manage stock reservation records and pivot tables for reservations.
  • Allow you to see the complete history of stock reservation on the sales order form.
  • Reservation Stock Location data created by our system which will allow the system to reserve stock/product under that reservation location.
  • Create a unique sequence number of reservations record.

Menus Available:

  • Inventory
    • Reporting
      • Reserved Products

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