Purchase Order Import (Multiple Purchase Order Import)

Import Purchase Orders App for Odoo.

This module allow you to import purchase orders from excel file.

Main Features:

  • This module will allow you to import multiple purchase orders from excel.
  • Make sure you have xlwt Python libarary installed.
  • Sample Excel is available inside sample folder in module.

Following fields can be Import From Excel Column.

  • Purchase ID : Purchase ID for Purchase order
  • Vendor : Vendor Name
  • Vendor Reference : Vendor Reference for Purchase order
  • Currency : Currency for Purchase order
  • Product Code : Product Code for Purchase order
  • Description : Description for Product
  • Scheduled Date : Scheduled Date for Purchase order
  • Analytic Account : Analytic Account for Purchase order
  • Analytic Tags : Analytic Tags for Purchase order
  • Quantity : Quantity for Purchase order product
  • Unit Price : Unit Price for Purchase order product
  • Taxes : Taxes appliesd for Purchase order

Make sure you have xlrd Python module installed. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/xlrd

For more details please see Video in Live Preview section. Excel sample is available inside module.

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