Website Plumber Request for Plumbing Jobs

This app allow your customer and guest to request for plumbing service from your website.

Main Features:

  • Allow your customer to request for pluming service from your website.
  • Your customer as well as guest customer can request for plumbing jobs.
  • Allow your team to create customer directly from plumbing request.
  • Project Manager can login and assign job to responsible project user who can handle plumbing requests from customer.
  • Allow project team to Create the Meeting with team and customer.
  • Plumber can update the Job Status, Required Services and Service Logs during working of plumbing job.
  • Customer can view plumbing request as Tasks in My Account Portal. So customer can go to Tasks list and will see his plumbing job on Tasks list.
  • Customer can do signature on plumbing request once job is done or plumber can get signature of customer.
  • Allow team to request feedback by email from customer.

Menus Available:

  • Plumbing
    • Plumbing
      • Plumbing Requests
      • Meetings
      • Estimates
    • Master
      • Customers
      • Plumber
      • Equipments
      • Plumbing Service
    • Configuration
      • Job Status
      • Job Category
      • Check Lists

Work Flow:

  • Guest Customer / Customer can apply for Plumbing Request from your website.
  • Guest Customer / Customer can see Thank you message after submitting Plumbing Booking Request.
  • Project Manager can login and check all the plumbing request jobs and assign to responsible project user.
  • Project Manager / User Create the Customer if needed and Create new Project if needed.
  • Project Manager / User can select the Plumber on plumbing request job.
  • Project Manager / User can Create the Meeting.
  • Plumber Can update the Job Status.
  • Plumber Can update the Required Services.
  • Project Manager / User can Create the Estimate.
  • Plumber Can update the Service Logs.
  • Customer can see its on request and Status on my account portal in Tasks list if you have shared that job with customer to view on your website portal.
  • Once plumbing job is done then Customer can make a signature.
  • Team can request feedback from customer by email.
  • Customer can fill the feedback form and sumbit and feedback will be recorded on job.

Sample Testing Users for Below Screenshots:

  • Mitchell John-->Project Manager.
  • Mark Richard-->Project User.
  • Marc Demo-->Plumber.
  • Alisha-->Customer.

Check App Here