Stock Owner Dashboard

Owner Stock / Inventory Dashboard Odoo

This app allows you to view the dashboard for the owner dashboard under-reporting menu as shown in the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • This module will allow the inventory manager to view the owner's stock/inventory dashboard.
  • Owner Image, name, email, and button links appear as shown.
  • Details about buttons:
  • Purchase Orders: When users will click on the button they will be redirected to purchase orders where this owner has been set on its incoming shipments.
  • Product Template: This button will redirect the user to all the products on which this owner is dealing with your company/warehouse.
  • Inventory Report: This button will redirect the user to the inventory report menu for this owner so you can see the inventory report for this owner's inventory.
  • Stock on Hand: Allow your user to view stock on hand for this owner's stock.
  • Transfer (Incoming): This button show owner's Incoming transfer/shipments where this owner is set as the owner.
  • Stock Moves (Incoming): This button show owner's incoming transfers related stock moves
  • Product Moves:
  • Incoming: This button show owner incoming product moves.
  • Outgoing: This button show owner outgoing product moves.
  • Internal: This button show owner internal transfer related product move.
  • All: This button shoe owner related all product moves.

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